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Need to change your NSO1 date?

Need to edit your contact information?

If you have already registered and need to change your date or edit your information, you must first cancel your original reservation.

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Register for NSO1

Before registering:

1. Carefully consider and determine up to three possible dates that you would be able to attend NSO1.

2. Determine the e-mail address you would like to use for NSO1 correspondence.

3. Determine the phone number you would like to use for NSO1 correspondence.

4. Determine the mailing address you would like to list for NSO1 correspondence.

Possible dates that may be available are:

June 17 | June 18 | June 22 | June 23 | June 24 | July 7 | July 8

** June 15 and 16 are no longer available for registration. Do not select these dates. If you do select June 15 or 16, your registration will not be valid and you will be asked to reschedule.**

Determine your first, second, and third choice for your NSO1 date before completing this form. Current availability of dates will be displayed after you begin the registration process. You should have several alternate dates in mind.

If you've already registered and need to change your date or your contact info:

DO NOT re-submit this form unless you have first cancelled your existing registration. If, due to unforseen circumstances, you need to change your contact information or cancel and select a new date, please cancel your existing reservation before re-submitting the following form.

(9-digit number starting with 9 - NO HYPHENS)

After you have completed the form, click the Submit button below. Do not click the button more than one time.