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Watch this movie to learn about our Media Commons facilities, help options, and available equipment.

Text description of imagery in video for visually impaired visitors:

[Media Commons at Penn State Berks]

Student setting up lights in Media Commons room.

[We have 3 Workstations] Student typing on an Apple computer, shot of the computer by itself with iMovie on the screen.

View of the other side of the computer showing the computer and a whiteboard in the room.

[Alcove workstation] Switch to a shot of another apple computer in room 126.

[Help hours are posted outside rooms 126 & 127]

View of the outside of the rooms and students walking by the rooms. There is a close up shot of the work schedule.

[Ashton Tupper, Multimedia Consultant 2011-2012] Shot of Ashton with a green screened image of the Penn State Media Commons logo in the back.

[Aaron Griffith Multimedia Consultant 2011-2012] Shot of Aaron with a green screened image of the Penn State Media Commons logo in the back.

[Equipment Available], Shot of a student using the lighting and the microphone.

[Sony Bloggie] View of the Sony Bloggie in a student's hands.

[Mino Flip Camera] Student holding the flip camera.

[Canon Video camera], Shot of student holding the video camera.

[Canon Still Camera] Shot of student holding camera.

[Samson Microphone] View of the microphone upright.

[Tripods] Dual view of a student using a large tripod and a small tripod.

[Green Screen and lighting equipment] Student using a light to properly light up the green screen. Different videos appear on the green screen.

[Equipment for student use] Two students happily talking in-front of the media commons computer. Shows visual of the Bloggie and points out these different areas on the Bloggie. Shows a student holding the camera and showing it. Shows the different cameras with a 360-degree view. Shows a 360 degree view of the canon still camera. View of the Samson microphone.

View of the bottom left of the screen that shows a student using the microphone. Shows another shot of students using the tripod to hold cameras. View of the bag that the lighting equipment goes into. It also shows the different sheets of paper on how to set up the lighting equipment.

View of the green screen room with a student using the lighting, then moves into a shot of a paper describing how to correctly place the lights.

View of the circulation desk, which is where you can check out the cameras and various other things. Then it moves to a shot of someone typing on the media commons computer, then to two people editing videos in the media commons room, then to two students taking in front of a computer.

View of a student using the microphone, and finally a student in the Media Commons room giving the thumbs up.

Final view of a still shot of students giving the thumbs up.

[Penn State Berks Media Commons Stop in, drop by, or make an appointment.