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Teaching and Learning with Technology

Teaching and Learning with Technology

"Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) helps faculty improve learning by integrating information technology into the curriculum for resident education and the World Campus. Education Technology Services (ETS) provides Web-based tools to facilitate use of technologies and consults with faculty on instructional design, on-line communication tools and multimedia. ETS also coordinates a wide range of seminars and workshops for faculty, staff, and students."


Shreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence

"Organizationally within the Office of Undergraduate Education and International Programs, the Institute has University-wide responsibilities to promote and provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge gained about the teaching and learning process; promote the combined uses of effective educational testing, learning assessment instruments, and teaching effectiveness feedback as important to the improvement of student learning; and promote sound teaching practices to enhance student learning. To accomplish this, we work collaboratively with individual or groups of faculty, departments, and colleges to develop teaching strategies that enhance student learning experiences and assessment plans to determine the effectiveness of classroom innovations in improving student learning."


Teaching & Learning Assistants

Teaching & Learning Assistants (TLA)

This program assists faculty with using technology in their courses. If you participate, we will provide you with a "technology learning assistant" who will help you learn to use simple yet powerful teaching/learning/management tools. These web-based tools provide many ways to increase communication among class members and faculty, including discussion boards, quizzing tools, and e-mail as well as course management tools such as Excel or presentation tools such as PowerPoint. Researchers have found that adding these elements to a course increases students' motivation and participation in class discussions and projects. With a very modest investment of time in learning to use these tools, you and your assistant will be able to enrich your course.


Teaching & Learning Consortium (TLC)

"The purpose of the TLC is to promote, facilitate, communicate and recognize the transformation of learning, including learning already in progress at Penn State. The Consortium also facilitates an increased level of discussion about teaching and learning, promotes understanding of new strategies to improve learning, influences the university climate regarding the value of implementing meaningful programs and processes to enhance learning, and provides leadership for the establishment of new initiatives and programs dedicated to the enhancement of inspired teaching and engaged learning."