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Presented by the Center for Learning & Teaching

About the Program

The Center for Learning & Teaching, in partnership with the Office of Academic Affairs, is pleased to present a series of five workshops which provide an overview of instructional tools, technologies and services available to faculty. Each workshop provides not only an overview of tools and technologies, but addresses related pedagogical concerns for implementation. The workshops are open to both new and existing faculty. Watch your e-mail for announcement of the time and date for each workshop.

Earn the BLT Certificate

Faculty who attend four out of five offered sessions in a given academic year are eligible to receive the Berks Learning Technologies Certificate as documentation of their commitment to pursuing excellence in instruction. After attending the series, faculty are requested to write a reflection about how they will implement what they've learned in the program.
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Upcoming Workshops

Engaging Students Beyond the Classroom
Monday October 6, 2014 @ 1 pm - 2pm in Thun 138

This introductory session discusses the modalities of web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses, as well as how these new course formats are being implemented at Penn State Berks. We will examine the general benefits of each of these course modalities, cover current trends in higher education, and briefly explore hybrid course design & development at our college. (Presented by Amy Roche)

Organizing & Assessing Students for Success
Monday November 3, 2014 @ 1 pm - 2 pm in Thun 138

This session discusses how ANGEL (Learning Management System) and electronic grading options can be used to help students be more successful in navigating course resources and meeting course objectives. (Presented by Mary Ann Mengel)

Breaking Old Habits: A Technology Infusion for Educators
Monday December 1, 2014 @ 1 pm - 2 pm in  Thun 138

This session will focus on a variety of emerging tools, services, technologies, and best practices which can simplify teaching and classroom management, enhance the learning process for students, and revitalize the classroom with creative new approaches. (Presented by Mary Ann Mengel)

Designing Instructional Resources using Imagery, Sound and Motion
RESCHEDULED: Wednesday March 25, 2015 @ 1 pm - 2 pm in Thun 145

This session provides an overview of audio- and video-based techniques to enhance teaching and learning. Through multimedia, instructors can create engaging, memorable, interactive educational resources for web-enhanced, hybrid, or online courses. We will review tools for creating screencasts, videos, podcasts, audio feedback, and discuss strategies for implementation. (Presented by Mary Ann Mengel)

Web 2.0 Tools: Connecting Ideas Within the Classroom and Beyond
Wednesday April 15, 2015 @ 1 pm - 2 pm in Thun 138

This session will define Web 2.0 tools and explore ways they can be incorporated into your course to provide increased engagement and communication. We will look at examples of tools provided by Penn State, as well as, tools that are frequently used and are easily available. Some of these tools include The Blogs at Penn State, Penn State WikiSpaces, Google Docs, Adobe Connect, VoiceThread, Twitter, and Facebook. (Presented by Amy Roche)