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Wireless Internet Connection for Visitors

Through an agreement with AT&T Wireless, broadband wireless access is available to visitors of the Berks Campus.  Visitors who have a laptop with a wireless network card can pay a small fee via credit card for 24 hour access. This system works very similarly to wireless networks at airports, hotels and restaurants. 

When a visitor searches for a wireless network on campus, they will see (attwifi) as one of the options. Upon selecting (attwifi), visitors can open any web browser, where they will be presented with the following four options:

  1. I have an AT&T Wi-Fi Account

  2. I want to buy AT&T Wi-Fi Access

  3. I have a Coupon

  4. Prepaid Card Connection

AT&T Wireless existing customers with a Smartphone and data plan, (ex: Apple iPhone or Blackberry) can connect to this network free of charge with no software or password required.

This service is supported entirely by AT&T (1-888-888-7520) and is available everywhere on campus where we currently have Penn State Wireless.

Bookmarks with instructions are available at the Library circulation desk and at the IT Help Desk.

Additional information is available at http://wireless.psu.edu/.