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Access 2013 Basics - Datasheets, Forms, Queries, Reports are the four basic components of any database. Let’s look at the new 2013 version of MS Access and go through the basics of setting up and using a database.

Angel Basics for Students – ANGEL is Penn State’s electronic (web based) course management system and is used in many undergraduate classes. In this introductory workshop, learn how to log on using your PSU access account, personalize your profile page, edit your preferences, use Angel email and mail forwarding, download documents including the course syllabus and use electronic drop boxes to submit assignments. 

Computer & Technology Security - A review of basic security precautions and the threats they protect us from. Video and discussion bring home the various points of computer and technology security.

Excel 2013 Basics – use Excel to organize, calculate and analyze data. We will cover: basic formulas, inherited spreadsheets, recording & sorting data (excellent for mailing labels and recording other data), templates & pre-designed forms (saves labor), and charting/graphing data (visually displaying data).

Excel 2013 - Using Formulas – use Excel to calculate and analyze data. We will cover: entering formulas in a variety of ways, using the insert function and formula bar, using the formula tab, absolute and relative cell references in copying formulas, using the fill handle to quickly copy formulas or patterns.

Excel 2013 - Charting/Graphing - use Excel to analyze and view data graphically via Excel's charting/graphing commands. We will cover the basics of creating a chart/graph and the ribbons (toolbars) used to modify them.

Excel 2013 - Advanced - Explore advanced Excel options such as Pivot Table and VLookup function. Prior experience with Excel needed.

Using Lynda's Free On-line Tutorials - this workshop will guide you through the process of using the training videos available from the Lynda website. PSU provides free access to Lynda for faculty, staff and students.

iPad Basics - how to interact with an iPad. Includes reviews of basic application software (apps), iPad settings (and choices), using touch or multi-touch to interact with an iPad.

Mail Merge - using Word 2013& Excel 2013 - see how to use Mail Merge to create mailing labels and customized letters. Basic prior experience with Word & Excel needed.

PASS Space (free PSU on-line storage) – The University’s network storage system known as Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) is provided to all students, faculty & staff. This electronic storage space can be used for a variety of needs including file sharing & data backups. Each individual starts with 500MB of storage space. Learn how to access and use this space to store and share files. Download workshop handout (PDF)

PowerPoint 2013 Basics – use PowerPoint to make effective presentations. Learn the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation including: adding slides, using text boxes, sorting slides, showing your presentation, alternate delivery methods, color schemes, design schemes, inserting clip art & photographs, printing and slide transitions. Download workshop handout (PDF)

Publisher 2013 Basics – use templates and included options to quickly create desktop publishing documents. We will illustrate Publisher capabilities by creating a flyer. Features such as: template selection; selecting color schemes; selecting font schemes; using text boxes; using clip art & photographs; grouping & ungrouping objects; inserting graphics & customer addresses; inserting tear-offs for contact information, coupons, order forms, response forms and sign-up forms will be covered. Download workshop handout (PDF)

Using Box.psu.edu – Free cloud storage - Box is a secure, cloud-based, commercial file storage, sharing, and collaboration service. Go to box.psu.edu and click on the “Login” button. The website will then walk you through the easy account creation process. There is no cost to the end user or department. Funding for Box at Penn State is provided by Information Technology Services. Each user will have 50GB of storage space.

Word 2013 Basics - MS Word has been used as a word processor for many years. Let’s look at the new 2013 version of MS Word and go through some of the commonly used options used when preparing a document.


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