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Services Offered:

  • Primary assessment and treatment of health problems and injuries by a certified nurse practitioner or physician.
  • First aid treatment: wound care, bandaging, splinting, eye irrigation and breathing treatments.
  • Simple diagnostic screening: blood pressures, blood sugar, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, hemoglobin tests (for anemia) and other laboratory services.
  • First aid supplies: ice packs, heat packs, elastic bandages, crutches
    Physical Exams: driver's license, pre-employment, sports, day care, nursing etc.
  • Referral to community agencies and services: When students are referred off campus, they must assume responsibility for the cost. Treatment provided at contract facilities must be authorized by the campus Nurse Practitioner or the director of Student Affairs.
  • Health education programs, internet health information services, videos, and literature on a variety of health topics.
  • Health counseling including health problem counseling, wellness counseling, personal problem counseling.
  • Administration of allergy injections, immunizations, TB testing, and other injections. Allergy injections are available during physician hours only (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1:00pm - 3:00 pm).
  • Women's Health Services: including routine GYN exam, PAP tests, breast exams, emergency contraception, contraceptive counseling and family planning. Common gynecological problems such as menstrual disorders, PMS, urinary tract infections, yeast and vaginal infections. These services are by appointment.
  • Screening & treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV testing and counseling.
  • Medications: colds, infections, diarrhea, headaches, and common acute illnesses.
  • Parking and elevator permits for permanent or temporarily disabled students.
  • Physician services: available on campus Monday, Wednesday and Friday  from 1:00-3:00 pm.. Appointments are required. Services are provided through the Reading Hospital & Medical Center Family Medical Residency Program.

The information found on this site is intended as educational information only. You SHOULD NOT rely on the information to make any medical or other decisions for treatment. Any medical or other decisions should be made in consultation with your health care provider. University Health Services will not be liable for any complication, injuries or other medical accidents arising from or in connection with the use of or reliance upon any information on the web.