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Holly Ryan photo

Dr. Holly Ryan, Writing Center Coordinator

Dr. Ryan has worked in writing centers since her freshman year at Eastern Connecticut State University. Following her tutoring days, she acted as the Associate Director of Duke University's Writing Studio, and in 2010, she joined the faculty at Penn State Berks as an Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Coordinator. Since becoming the Writing Center Coordinator, Dr. Ryan has transitioned the Writing Center to an entirely undergraduate, peer tutoring space. Additionally, she has been conducting research in the Writing Center. This year she is examining gender dynamics in writing peer tutoring.

Meeghan Orr photo

Meeghan Orr, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Meeghan Orr is a senior in American Studies and graduating this fall. This will be Meeghan's second semester in the Writing Center where she loves helping student's find their own love of writing. Meeghan's favorite aspect of tutoring is showing other students the skills they need to become their own successful writers. In addition to tutoring, Meeghan loves to knit and will often be found around campus sneaking in stitches between classes.

Writing Center Staff Elizabeth Boulanger

Elizabeth Boulanger, Undergraduate Tutor

Elizabeth Boulanger is a Professional Writing major. She is interested in reading and writing for pleasure to pass the time. She enjoys working in the Writing Center because she gets to help others find the joy in writing. Her interests include working with ESL students to help them find the best way to work with the English language.

Chris Brendel

Chris Brendel, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Chris Brendel is a senior CAS major. Chris has returned from studying abroad in England. He has been an avid reader and writer for as long as he can remember, and his interest in helping others become better writers led him to tutor at the Writing Center. He is particularly interested in English as a Second Language tutoring and in finding ways to incorporate language theory into his sessions.

Writing Center Staff Katrina Calvin

Katrina Calvin, Undergraduate Tutor

Katrina Calvin is studying genetics and developmental biology. She is interested in completing a psychology minor while finishing her degree. Working in the Writing Center gives her the opportunity to help other students with the specific skill of writing for the laboratory. As a science student, she encounters this style of writing often and has learned how to incorporate it successfully into her classes. She is excited to work with other students who share a common love for science. Katrina is one of our Writing Fellows in the Bio 230W.

Ioana Ciocan photo

Ioana Ciocan, Undergraduate Tutor

Ioana Ciocan is working toward obtaining a Life Science degree. She plans to go to dental school upon graduating. Her research interests are heavily focused in biology. She is currently doing research for her Schreyer thesis with Dr. Karlinsey. Her passion for the English language, helping others, and the sciences led her to become a Writing Fellow here at Berks. She is a tutor for Bio 230W.

Kara Kennedy, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Kara Kennedy, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Kara Kennedy is a senior Professional Writing major. She wanted to become a tutor to help instill a love of writing in other students, and she is particularly interested in creative and online writing. She recently traveled to the International Writing Center Association Conference in San Diego with Dr. Holly Ryan and fellow tutor Chris Brendel to give a presentation about ways that tutors can use blogs. She is also attending the National Peer Tutoring Conference in Writing in Tampa, FL to conduct a workshop on tutor identity. Kara tutors online and face-to-face. 

Writing Center Staff Bianca Sepulveda

Bianca Sepulveda, Undergraduate Tutor

Bianca Sepulveda, or as some may call her, Marie, is a Professional Writing major whose interests include reading and writing. Some may know her as a Resident Assistant in the halls, but what brought Bianca to the Writing Center was her interest in helping fellow classmates and expanding her knowledge of the editorial process.  Bianca is presenting a workshop at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring of Writing in Tampa, FL.  She also presented a paper about Facebook tutoring at the Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference in 2013.