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Students in the ASPIRE program are required to study and work hard to achieve. Although college is fun, it is hard work. Students must meet all academic demands and keep up with their personal life.

Here are some tips for a successful first semester.

ASPIRE students must do well from the beginning. If they start out on a good foot, they will usually continue through with success. Common obstacles students work to overcome include:

  • College Workload
  • New Responsibilities
  • Tardiness
  • Attending Class
  • Staying Awake in Class
  • Being Away from Home

and more.....

ASPIRE offers students free trips, extra support services, and one-on-one support. There is an intensive tracking of academic standing throughout the semester. ASPIRE students are referred to campus services such as The Learning Center and The Writing Center when needed.



ASPIRE Questions?

Aubrey R. Edwards
Perkins Student Center, Rm 6
610-396-6074 (phone)
610-396-6316 (fax)
e-mail Aubrey (are12@psu.edu)