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Social Organizations

The following organizations meet to enrich your understanding of a specific topic or broaden horizons.

Black Student Union

President: Rodney Babb
e-mail*: rvb5373
Advisor: Joe Webb
e-mail*: jjw26

Blue & White Society

Blue & White Society promotes enduring and life-long relationships between students and the University. The goals of the organization include enhancing the student's Penn State experience by building strong relationships with alumni, faculty, and staff; preserving and upholding the community's integrity with Penn State pride, leadership, and civic engagement; providing support to the Pennsylvania State University and all its past, present, and future students and friends.

President: Nicole Young-Trapp
e-mail*: ncy5009
Advisor: Heather Angstadt
e-mail:*: HLA2
Meeting Information: Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. in Thun 145

Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Scholarship, Cultural Awareness and Community Service (B.S.C.C.)

B.S.C.C.'s mission is to increase unity amongst the campus community. The brotherhood celebrates diverse backgrounds and programs campus events designed to develop leadership and civic engagement.

President: Martese Murphy
e-mail*: MJM6552
Advisor: Joe Webb
e-mail*: JJW26

Campus Activities Board

President: Katie Zambanini
e-mail*: kiz5054
Advisor: Brittney Schlechter
e-mail*: bls5105
Campus Activities Board website »
Meeting information: Mondays, 1:30 p.m., PSC 3

CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles) 

President: Leighton DeGoede
e-mail*: ljd5232
Advisor: William H. Bowers
e-mail*: whb108

Chinese Culture Club

President: Zhilin Jia
e-mail*: zxj5034
Advisor: Jui-Chi Huang
e-mail*: jxh74

Christian Student Fellowship

President: Patrick McCarty
e-mail*: psm5145
Advisor: Mark Groff
e-mail*: MDG116
Pastor: Dave Hershey
e-mail*: campusminister_dave@yahoo.com
Christian Student Fellowship website »

INK (International Klub)

President: Aakash Makkar
e-mail*: ahm5152
Advisor: Selvi Jagadesan
e-mail: SUJ2

Latino Unity Club

President: Frederick Mateo
e-mail*: fxm5090
Advisor: Maria Tinoco
e-mail: MET16

Lion Ambassadors

President: Tye Morales
e-mail: tam5354
Advisor: Becky Eckenrode
e-mail: rwd129

Muslim Students' Association

President: Habida Popal
e-mail*: hxp163
Advisor: Masha Kazempur
e-mail*: muk30

Outdoors Club

President: Blair Lovenstein
e-mail*: bll5239
Advisor: Dr. Robert Zambanini
e-mail*: raz3

Rainbow Alliance

President: Carolyn Lessig
e-mail: cml5231
Advisor: Karen Kihurani
e-mail: kek5

Residence Hall Council

President: Ryan Bennick
e-mail*: rab5711
Advisor: Betsy Scarpaci
e-mail*: ems33

Ski & Board Club

President: Graham Davis
e-mail*: gmd5163
Advisor: Chris Riegel
e-mail*: CJR11

Student Veteran Coalition

President: Mark Bennett
e-mail*: mqb5581
Advisor: Joe Webb
e-mail*: jjw26