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Maintenance & Operations Shed

The Maintenance & Operations (M & O) Department is responsible for providing students, faculty, staff and visitors with a safe working and learning environment. We believe that well maintained facilities, grounds and campus infrastructures enhance the educational, co-curricular and social experiences of our campus community. Our responsibilities run the gamut from custodial services to emergency preparedness. We coordinate the campus recycling efforts and even deliver the mail.  M&O also provides set up and clean up for campus events. Public spaces include classrooms, workrooms, conference rooms and restrooms. The M&O day and evening crews include mechanics, ground workers, laborers and custodians. 

Work Order Process

How do I request a Work Order?

Work Orders are initiated via email to the M&O Work Center.

Submit a work order to e-mail: bk-workorder@psu.edu.   Please describe the request with sufficient detail by providing information such as; issue/event, location, requested completion date, when the space is available to do the work and how we can get in touch with you if we have any questions.

  • NOTE: If there is a problem sending the work request e-mail, here is a list of the recipients:

Emergency Work Orders

Situations that may harm or damage property or personnel if not attended to immediately (i.e.: broken water pipe, toilet overflowing, broken window, exposed electrical wire, etc.) should be called into the M & O main line (610) 396-6260 between the hours of 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM or Police Services at (610) 396-6111 outside normal business hours.