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Fleet Vehicles

Guidelines and General Information

There are several fleet vehicles located on the Berks Campus for use by University employees for University purposes. The following are guidelines and general information relating to the use and operation of these fleet vehicles.

2013 Dark Gray Chevrolet Impala LS

Seats: 5
ID # 5102
Contact: Claudia Plato, Business Office, Room 104, Peiffer Farm, 610-396-6020, e-mail Claudia (cip1@psu.edu)
Charges: $.36 per mile

2013 Dark Gray Chevrolet Impala LS

Seats: 5
ID # 5099
Contact: Claudia Plato, Business Office, Room 104, Peiffer Farm, 610-396-6020, e-mail Claudia (cip1@psu.edu)
Charges: $.36 per mile

2008 White Grand Caravan

Seats: 7-Passenger Mini-van
ID # 4577
Contact: Paula Adams, Admissions Office, Room 14, Perkins, 610-396-6062, e-mail Paula (pla2@psu.edu)
Charges: $.55 per mile

2010 White Chevrolet

Seats: 15-Passenger Maxivan
ID # 4742
Contact: Paula Adams, Admissions Office, Room 14, Perkins, 610-396-6062, e-mail Paula (pla2@psu.edu)
Charges: $ .71 per mile
(restrictions, see policy)

Reservation Procedure

  • All trips must be pre-approved by the budget administrator before reserving the vehicle for use.
  • The reservation procedure differs slightly in each office to which the vehicle is assigned. Please contact the contact person for the vehicle in which you are interested to establish their preferred procedure.
  • In the event a fleet vehicle is unavailable, and if the employee chooses to use his/her own vehicle for travel, the employee will be reimbursed at $.55.5 per mile. For reimbursement, the employee needs to complete a Travel Support Form, complete a travel log which indicates all the specifics of the trip (date of trip, purpose of trip, destination, actual miles traveled, etc.), have their budget administrator sign the Travel Support Form and submit all of the above paperwork to Ariel Karetas in the Finance Office (Franco 125) for approval and processing.

Departure & Return Times

When reserving the vehicle, please estimate departure and return times as accurately as possible. This will help prevent any inconvenience to others who might be scheduled to use the vehicle after you.

Conditions for Vehicle Usage

For more detailed information and possible exceptions, please see Policy BS20.

  • Fleet vehicles may be driven only by University employees 21 years of age or over and who hold a valid appropriate class Pennsylvania Operator’s license. Students are not permitted to drive fleet vehicles; however, they may act as a relief driver when accompanying a faculty or staff member on a long trip. Students employed on "work-study" assignments are NOT permitted to drive vehicles, as a condition of their federal funding.
  • Drivers of 15-passenger vans must be at least 25 years of age. In addition, the successful completion of a Web-based training and testing module on van operation is required for all van drivers.
  • Fleet vehicles are not permitted to be driven to and from an employee’s home. If an early morning departure is necessary, please obtain the keys the day before and make arrangements to pick up the vehicle the next morning.
  • Any fine or moving violation that is incurred while operating a fleet vehicle must be paid by the employee and will not be reimbursed by the University.
  • Any accident involving a fleet vehicle or an employee’s vehicle while on official University business must be reported on Form G1.44 (General Forms Usage Guide page 8.04) and forwarded to the Office of Risk Management within 48 hours.
  • All fleet vehicles are in good condition and have one gasoline credit card in them when assigned. This credit card may only be used for gas, oil, and small emergency repairs, as approved, and should remain in the vehicle at all times. If you are using a fleet vehicle and you do not use the credit card provided to pay for gas, you may not claim gas receipts on your Travel Support Form; you must request reimbursement directly from Fleet Operations via an e-mail request. If a major repair is needed, the employee must call Fleet Operations at #814-865-7572 for approval. The vehicle is to be locked at all times when not in use. The user is responsible for returning the vehicle in good condition.
  • Smoking is not permitted in fleet vehicles.


All fleet charges incurred will be redistributed to departmental budgets on a monthly basis. A copy of the charges will be forwarded to the budget administrator upon allocation of the expense.

PLEASE REMEMBER that fleet vehicles are provided as a service to the University community and the privilege should not be abused. Vehicles are not to be used for shopping, personal errands, etc.

Drive Safely.