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Presidential Debate Watching Party teaches students rhetorical theory

Jill Burk, Instructor in Communication Arts and Sciences, will use the upcoming presidential debate in her Rhetorical Theory course, as she hosts a Presidential Debate Watching Party for her students on the evening of the upcoming debate, October 22, 2012, from 9:00–10:30 p.m. in the Cohen Lounge, Thun Library. Approximately 15 students are expected to attend.

“We discuss classical and contemporary rhetorical theory through the lens of public advocacy and civic discourse,” explains Burk. “We are having a Presidential Debate Watching Party because the students are working on an extended research project, where they recognize and apply the rhetorical theories and concepts we discuss in class. For this project, the students need to choose one of the Presidential candidates and follow his rhetoric during this election season. The students are developing and maintaining a media clipping case file, and the project culminates in a rhetorical analysis of the candidate's rhetoric.”

The goal of the Presidential Debate Watching Party is to provide a venue for the students to watch and discuss the debate with the entire class, while collecting data for their media clipping case file. Burk will not lead the class in a formal discussion, but will create activities to encourage engagement, such as Debate Watching Bingo.

For more information, contact Burk at 610.396.6094 or via e-mail at JKB20@psu.edu.

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