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Riegel receives Information Technology Collaboration Award

Chris Riegel, Assistant Information Technology Manager at Penn State Berks, received the University's Information Technology Collaboration Award for his work on the Visitor Wireless Committee.

The Visitor Wireless Committee was comprised of two people from each Penn State campus, as well as staff from the Information Technology and other departments at University Park. The committee worked to make broadband wireless access available to campus visitors through an agreement with AT&T Wireless.

Visitors with laptops that have a wireless network card can pay a small fee for 24-hour access via credit card. The wireless access is similar to wireless networks at airports, hotels, and restaurants. The existing Penn State wireless networks do not allow for visitor access.

Departments can also purchase coupons for invited guests, or to use for one-day programs. They are available for purchase at http://computerstore.psu.edu/search/node/coupon.

AT&T Wireless existing customers with Smartphone and data plans (ex: Apple iPhone or Blackberry) can connect to this network free of charge with no software or password required.
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