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Transition Academy helps prepare disabled students for college

1/22/2009 —

Penn State Berks and Kutztown University will host the 2009 Transition Academy Day on Wednesday, February 4th from 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. The event serves to educate Berks County high school students with disabilities on the skills needed to transition successfully to college.

The Transition Academy is in its second year of widespread participation; this year's participants include fourteen school districts, with fifty-six students divided between Penn State Berks and Kutztown University.

As part of the agenda at Penn State Berks, the students will sit in classes 11:00 a.m., accompanied by a college student mentor.

"It's important for these students to have a hands-on experience," explained Susan Anderson, Penn State Berks Disability Services Coordinator. "By participating in an authentic college class, they can see the difference between high school and college and get a grasp of what's expected of a college student."

Additionally, the students will attend a presentation titled "Skills for Success in College," followed by the Academic Success Panel question-and-answer session, as well as a simulated class led by a college instructor that requires prerequisite reading.

"Students who attend Transition Academy Day learn about the keys to success in college and how to take advantage of the many academic support services available," commented Anderson.

For more information, contact Susan M. Anderson, Penn State Berks Disability Services Coordinator, at 610-396-6410 or via e-mail at sma17@psu.edu.

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