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Dr. Tami MysliwiecAssociate Professor of Biology, Full-time
First Year Seminar Coordinator, Berks

Postdoc, Molecular Oncology
Fox Chase Cancer Center, Phila. PA

Ph.D., Genetics and Molecular Biology
Drexel University, Phila., PA

B.S., Biology, Minor Chemistry
University of New York, Plattsburgh, NY

e-mail: thm2@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6274
Fax: 610-396-6024
Office: 212C Luerssen Building


My laboratory focuses on two areas that attempt to understand how physiological processes are regulated. One area involves understanding the molecular and genetic events involved in the initiation of sporulation in the bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

A second area of interest is an examination of the frequency and diversity of bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) in the environment. These viruses may offer a relatively unexplored reservoir for novel genes that could play a role in altering host cell physiology and have practical biotechnological applications.

There are several ongoing projects in the laboratory that use current microbiological, biochemical and molecular techniques in which students can participate.

Most Recent Publications

Mysliwiec, T.H., A. F. Tierno, and D. J. Aurentz. 2009. Characterization of Bacillus subtilis sporulation and bacteriophage infection via FT-IR spectroscopy. Spectroscopy 23:165-174.

Fidanza, M.A., S.J. McDonald, P. Wong, T.H. Mysliwiec and R.M. Averell 2009. First Report of Brown Ring Patch Caused by Waitea circinata var. circinata on Poa annua in Pennsylvania. Plant Disease 93(9):962

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  • PSU 005 - First Year Seminar (1)
  • BIOL 416
  • BMB 401 - General Biochemistry (2)
  • BMB 402
  • BMB 442
  • BMB 460


Dr. Tami Mysliwiec