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Ruth DalyProfessor of Physics

Ph.D., Astronomy & Physics, Boston University

M.A., Astronomy & Physics, Boston Univeristy

e-mail: rdaly@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6273
Office: 219 Luerssen Building


Ruth Daly has been working in the fields of extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology for over 20 years. She has published over 70 papers including more than 40 peer reviewed publications, and these papers are very well cited. Many of the papers included graduate and undergraduate students as co-authors. She is frequently an invited speaker at major national and international meetings, and her research is supported by the US National Science Foundation. For example, in February of 2008 she gave two invited presentations at the conference "Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe." In 2006, she received the Penn State Berks Outstanding Researcher Award in recognition of her research accomplishments. Prior to this, she was the recipient of a prestigious National Science Foundation National Young Investigator Award, a NSF/NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, and a NASA Graduate Student Researcher Fellowship.

Most Recent Publications:

Daly, R. A., Djorgovski, S. G., Freeman , K. A.; Mory, M. P.; O'Dea, C. P.; Kharb, P., & Baum, S. 2007 “Improved Constraints on the Acceleration History of the Universe and the Properties of the Dark Energy,” Astrophysical Journal, in press (astro-ph/0710.5345).

Daly, R. A., Mory, M. P., O'Dea, C. P., Kharb, P., Baum, S., Guerra, E. J., & Djorgovski, S. G. 2007, “Cosmological Studies with Radio Galaxies and Supernovae,” Astrophysical Journal, in press (astro-ph/0710.5112)

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