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Procedures for Use

Faculty and Staff Policy

  1. Secure a budget number to which the printing expenses may be billed. The printing cost for a 40” x 46” poster on glossy paper will be variable and range from ~ $40.00 - $60.00. Posters printed on heavyweight-coated paper will range from ~ $20.00 - $40.00. The final cost of the poster will depend primarily on its size, the amount of color, and the quality of paper used to print the poster.
  2. Contact Joan Zaremski (x6091) or Mitzi Brandon (x6046) to schedule printing your poster. You should schedule printing at least a week in advance of the date you need the poster since other faculty may also need a poster printed the same week. Please allow at least one week for printing once the file is sent or the poster may not be completed in time to meet your deadline.
  3. Create the poster you want as a single slide in Microsoft PowerPoint, JPEG, PDF, or Microsoft Word. We recommend speaking with faculty who have successfully printed posters in the past to choose the correct poster size parameters. If you need guidance in creating your electronic file, view this tutorial to Create a Poster File in PowerPoint. One side of the poster cannot exceed 40 inches.
  4. Under ‘View’ in the PowerPoint toolbar, select ‘Normal’. You should now be able to view a scaled-down version of the poster you will be making. Set the slide dimensions the size that you want the poster to be.  Choose a poster format from the slide layout samples to add the text and graphics to your poster. Please make sure to proof the poster for typos and errors before you have it printed or you will be charged for the cost of printing an additional poster.
  5. Unfortunately, we cannot print posters for personal use.

Student Policy

  1. If you are requesting a printed poster for one of your students, you will need to contact Joan Zaremski or Mitzi Brandon and provide them with: 1) the name of the student who will be requesting the poster; and 2) a budget number to bill the printing expenses. You must provide this information before the poster will be printed for the student. Please do not give the budget number to the student.
  2. Please advise your students that they should send the poster for printing to Joan (jhz2@psu.edu; x6091) or Mitzi (mpb2@psu.edu, x6046) at least one week in advance of the date they need the poster since printing problems may arise and/or others may also need a poster printed the same week. Please emphasize that if sufficient time for printing is not allowed, the poster may not be completed in time to meet their deadline.

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