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Lolita PaffAssociate Professor of Business Economics
Business Program Coordinator

Ph.D., Business and Economics, Lehigh University

MBA., Finance and International Business, Seton Hall University

B.S., Accounting, The College of New Jersey

e-mail: LAP21@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6381
Fax: 610-396-6024
Office: 329 Gaige Building


Dr. Lolita A. Paff is Associate Professor of Business Economics at Penn State Berks. Paff's primary research interests are small business development incentives, state-level research and development tax credits, interstate tax competition, technology policy, and more recently pedagogy and learning assessment. She has researched the characteristics of Pennsylvania's R&D tax credit recipient firms, estimated firms' sensitivity to changes in state-level R&D tax credit rates, estimated the effective after-tax price of R&D across all U.S. states, and has provided expert witness testimony to the Pennsylvania Senate Finance Committee. Dr. Paff’s teaching experience reflects her broad-based professional and academic background in public and private accounting, finance and economics. Courses taught include Principles of Microeconomics, First-Year-Seminar, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, International Economics, Contemporary Skills for Business Professionals, and the Business Internship. In her role as Business Program Coordinator, Dr. Paff’s focus has been on expanding course and option offerings, program assessment, and preparation of AACSB application materials.

Most Recent Publications:

D’Allegro, M.L. and L. Paff. 2010. “Estimating the Economic Impact of Higher Education: A Case Study of the Five Colleges in Berks County Pennsylvania.” /The Electronic Newsletter of the Association for Institutional Research (e-AIR),/#117.

Paff, L. and T.A. Watkins. 2009. “What is the After-Tax Price of R&D? An Inter-State Comparison.” Fiscal Studies.

Watkins, T. A. and L. A. Paff. 2008. “Absorptive Capacity and R&D Tax Policy: Are In-house and External Contract R&D Substitutes or Complements?” Small Business Economics.