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Assistant Professor in Special EducationDr. Jayne Leh

Ph.D., Special Education, Lehigh University

M.Ed., Special Education, Lehigh University

B.S. Psychology, DeSales University

e-mail: jml53@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6413
Office: 237 Gaige Building


Dr. Jayne M. Leh holds a Ph.D. in Special Education from Lehigh University with a focus in mild disabilities in mathematics word problem solving.  Dr. Leh’s research interests include investigating methods to support exceptional learners in general education settings with problem behavior, academic interventions for elementary students learning disabilities and skill deficits in mathematics problem solving, and methods to prepare pre-service teachers for diverse teaching environments with a focus on international experiences to develop tolerance for diversity. She leads the Penn State Berks Camp Noah Volunteer Team that serves children who have suffered trauma and loss in the wake of community disasters and has led teams to Nanticoke, PA, Newtown, CT, and Crisfield, MD.  Her professional service includes membership in the American Educational Research Association.  

Most Recent Publications:

Leh, J.M., Guiseppe, J.A., Bender, D.S. (2014). An international field experience for pre-service teachers: A model of a reflective process to understand cultural diversity.  In E. G. Pultorak (Ed.), Reflectivity and cultivating student learning: Critical elements for enhancing a global community of learners and educators (pp. 223-242). Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield. 

Jitendra, A. K., Star, J. R., Starosta, K., Leh, J. M., Sood, S., Caskie, G. I. L., Hughes, C. L., & Mack, T. R. (2009). Improving seventh-grade students’ learning of ratio and proportion: The role of schema-based instruction and self-monitoring. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 34(3), 250-264.

Leh, J.M., Jitendra, A.K., Caskie, G.I.L., Griffin, C.H. (2007). An evaluation of CBM mathematics word problem solving measures for monitoring third grade students’ mathematics competence. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 32(2), 90-99.

Jitendra, A. K., Griffin, C., Haria, P., Leh, J., Adams, A., & Kaduvetoor, A. (2007). A comparison of single and multiple strategy instruction on third-grade students’ mathematical problem solving. Journal of Educational Psychology, 99(1), 115-127.