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Lecturer in General Engineering

Ph.D., Electrophysics
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Master of Electrical Engineering
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

e-mail: hga1@psu.edu
Phone: 610 396 6125
Fax: 610 396 6024
Office: 228 Gaige Building


Dr. Henry G. Ansell had 25 years of experience as an electrical engineer with AT&T Bell Laboratories, then joined Penn State Berks in 1987. Recent multi-year fixed term appointments were (2002-2005) as Assistant Professor in Engineering, and currently (2005-2008) as Lecturer in General Engineering.

His focus is on teaching and he has taught the following Penn State courses to engineering students: Introduction to Digital Systems, Digital Design Lab, Signals and Circuits I, Circuits and Devices, Electrical Engineering Lab, Electronic Circuit Design, Signals and Circuits II, Signals and Systems, Communication Systems. He has also taught the following Penn State courses to baccalaureate technology students: AC Circuits, Electric Transients, Basic System Design, Electronic Design I, Electronic Design II, Electric Energy Design, Switching Circuit Design, Industrial Electronics, Electrical Design Project, Discrete Electronics, Digital Electronics, Automated Control Systems.

His electrical and computer engineering students are required to join occupational therapy students in miniprojects to design and prototype devices to help people with disabilities. This teaches social and professional responsibility, an understanding of a societal issue, and respect for gender diversity. He hopes that this effort will expand to include other technology and engineering instructors and their classes.