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Guidelines for Submitting Job Request Sheet

  • ALL fields must be filled out. The job cannot begin until a job request with ALL fields is submitted.
  • Budget numbers must be in university long form.
  • Provide a DUE DATE. ASAP is not considered a due date. The due date is the date by which you need to have the printed materials in hand (also known as a "drop-dead date"). When providing a due date, keep in mind that your job can take up to 3 weeks to be printed and in hand. Submit your job request early enough to allow for those 3 weeks.
  • All projects above the $1,000 threshold will have to go through the Print portal process up at University Park. This process can add up to 2 weeks and all information in the following form is required to begin the process. Please contact us if you are unsure about your project meeting the price threshold that requires it to go through the Print portal.