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Three female campers and Nittany LionCamp Description

The Discovering Theatre Camp is designed to introduce students, ages 10-18, to all that is involved in putting on a live production. Participants will learn the casting/audition process; assemble a stage crew and learn the various crew jobs; work the stage through the use of cues, stage directions, and props; learn the acting process through voice projection exercises, staging practices, and play rehearsals, and finally stage an actual production. Those interested in discovering their artistic side are welcome to join our week of theatrics.  

Camp Overview


Staging a show and anatomy of a theatre; acting basics, the casting process, stage direction; acting exercises, auditions, stage crew


Rehearse characters, stage crew training, rehearse play, design sets


Set creation and building; rehearse play


Stage crew rehearsal, set finalization and props, dress rehearsal


Full dress rehearsal, full performance 

Camp Details

FEE: $275 (commuter only and lunch included for both high school and middle school participants)

June 24-28, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Parent/guardians of middle school aged children are responsible for dropping off their charges at the auditorium and picking them up from the auditorium 15 minutes before the scheduled camp start and end times.


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