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2006 Lion and Santa Sighting

There was a Lion & Santa sighting at the Berks Campus on December 7, 2006. Santa and the Nittany Lion passed out gifts and judged contests while parents and family members spent time socializing in the holiday spirit with other PSU alumni.

December 7, 2006
Santa_Sighting_1.JPG Santa_Sighting_2.JPG Santa_Sighting_3.JPG Santa_Sighting_4.JPG Santa_Sighting_5.JPG Santa_Sighting_6.JPG Santa_Sighting_7.JPG Santa_Sighting_8.JPG Santa_Sighting_9.JPG Santa_Sighting_10.JPG Santa_Sighting_11.JPG Santa_Sighting_12.JPG Santa_Sighting_13.JPG Santa_Sighitng_14.JPG Santa_Sighting_15.JPG Santa_Sighting_16.JPG Santa_Sighting_17.JPG Santa_Sighting_18.JPG Santa_Sighting_19.JPG Contest_Winners_-_Payton_Rowe_and_Evan_Charnoff.JPG

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