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Traditionally, a new Lion Ambassador had to be nominated by a faculty member, staff member or current Lion Ambassador. Recently, the campus has encouraged self-nomination which, along with the traditional nominations, would be held in January. This allows a great candidate who may not have been nominated by a faculty or staff member to become a Lion Ambassador. The self-nominations give every student an equal opportunity to become a Lion Ambassador.

Lion Ambassador Timeline


Faculty/Staff nomination forms are sent out.
Nomination forms are distributed to current Lion Ambassadors.
Committee members should be compiling a list of nominees with addresses.
All nominations are due.
Address letters to all nominees and mail invitations.


RSVP deadline for information reception.
Information reception held and applications distributed.
All applications are reviewed by all current Lion Ambassadors.
Address letters to invite candidates for interviews.


Letters mailed to applicants.
Applicants must schedule interviews.
Interviews conducted.
Lion Ambassador decision meeting.


All decision letters mailed out.
Induction Reception in Janssen Conference Center.

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