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Minors that can be completed at Penn State Berks




Communication Arts & Sciences 

Civic and Community Engagement Minor

Criminal Justice

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Global Studies


Information Sciences & Technology


Natural Science


Political Science 

Professional Writing


Security and Risk Analysis


Special Education


Women's Studies

Requirements for a minor can be completed at any campus location that offers courses specified for the minor.  A minor is an academic program that supplements a major. Minors require a minimum of 18 credits and typically no more than 21 credits with at least 6 but ordinarily not more than half of the credits at the 400 level. A minor program may consist of course work in a single area or from several disciplines. A student may complete more than one minor if he/she is interested in developing an emphasis in additional disciplines. However, a student may not change from a campus that offers his/her major to a campus that does not offer the major in order to complete a minor.

To declare a minor:

Use the eLion Minor Declaration application.

Time Frame:

A minor can be declared any time after you have been accepted into a major and are at least fifth semester standing.To graduate with a minor, you must be accepted in the minor before the late drop deadline of your last semester; however, if the minor has an entry fee, you must be accepted before the end of the drop/add period of that semester.

A student who has applied for a minor but does not complete it is not required to take any action to withdraw from the minor. If a minor is not completed, it is not recorded.

Information on all minors at all Penn State campuses is available in the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin.  The academic home for the minor must approve academic exceptions to the minor requirements.