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Undergraduate Research

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Business at Penn State Berks choose among three capstone experiences: undergraduate research, a collaborative business project, or a professional internship. While many colleges and universities limit research opportunities to graduate-level students, Penn State Berks is committed to supporting research opportunities for students to conduct research with our faculty.  Recent business student research presentations include:

Constructing Portfolios of ETFs
Student Investigator: Jason Hamera
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Khaled Abdou

Visualizing My Future Business with an Egg Diagram
Student Investigator: Jessica Morrow
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sadan Kulturel-Konak

The Sub Prime Mortgage Lending Crisis and its Effect on the American Economy
Student Investigator: Morgan Bressler
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sudip Ghosh

Demographics of Education and Employment in Computer Science
Student Investigator: Steven Glath
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sadan Kulturel- Konak

The Role of Mentor for Female Students
Student Investigator: Diana Mould
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sadan Kulturel-Konak

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