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Program Faculty

Dr. David S. Bender

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
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Dr. Chrystine Mitchell

Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy

Dr. Valerie Cholet

Instructor, Kinesiology
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Email: VAC110@psu.edu

Dr. Mahsa Kazempour

Associate Professor of Science Education
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Email: MUK30@psu.edu

Jayne Leh

Assistant Professor, Special Education
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Email: JML53@psu.edu

Beverly Leviner

Part-time Instructor, Art
Email: BML3@psu.eu

Amy Marsch

Instructor, Science Education
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Email: AMM52@psu.edu

Dr. Hartono Tjoe

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Krysta Murillo

Part-time Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Email: LKM177@psu.edu

Sandra Nevitt

Supervisor of Student Teaching
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Email: SNN2@psu.edu

Dr. Carole Roberts

Supervisor of Student Teaching; Education Program Coordinator 
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Email: CKR10@psu.edu

Dr. Jessica Schocker

Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education 
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Email: JBS213@psu.edu

Nancy Sinkus

Supervisor of Student Teaching

Daniel Smith

Part-time Instructor, Music
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Email: DAS307@psu.edu

Toni Vanino

Part-time Instructor, Language and Literacy
Email: TMV13@psu.edu