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Associate Degree - Degree Overview

The associate degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management is an intensive four-semester major designed to prepare students for entry-level managerial positions in the hospitality industry. The course of study places heavy reliance on experience acquired in an on-the-job setting.

Students who achieve outstanding records may, upon completing this program, apply for admission to the baccalaureate degree major in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional management in the College of Health and Human Development. Six or more additional semesters of satisfactory work are required to earn the baccalaureate degree. Graduates of this major may qualify for admission to other baccalaureate degree majors.

A unique feature of the program is the 500-hour work experience requirement. Students may elect to complete these hours at a local hotel, restaurant or institutional food service facility during the second half of the program.

For the Associate in Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management, a minimum of 64 credits is required. The 64-66 credit program includes courses specific to the major, in addition to general education courses to develop the student's potential to interact in business and society in general.

Courses in the major include the following:
  • HRIM 201 Introduction to management in the hospitality industry
  • HRIM 250 Quantity food production analysis
  • HRIM 270 Facility development seminar
  • HRIM 295 Summer practicum analysis
  • HRIM 304 Institutional food service management
  • HRIM 305 Restaurant management
  • HRIM 310 Food purchasing and sanitation
  • HRIM 319 Facilities management
  • HRIM 380 Hotel front office management

Courses outside the major include the following:

  • Arts
  • Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Mathematics
  • Business Writing
  • Nutrition
  • English Composition
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Science
  • Human Resources Management
  • Speech Communications

Careers Opportunities in Hospitality Management
Career opportunities in the hospitality industry are available in restaurants, hotels/motels, clubs, and food service establishments. Other industry opportunities are offered by food brokers, distributors, manufactures, hospitality associations, and industry educators - all of which play a vital role in the care, feeding and lodging of people away from home. Students interested in exploring career opportunities in hospitality management should check the following web sites:

American Hotel & Lodging Association
American School Food Service Association
National Restaurant Association
Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education
The National Association of College and University Food Services