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Degree Overview

A Unique Educational Opportunity

Penn State Berks offers the only Global Studies degree in the Penn State University system. Students can tailor their studies to focus specifically on Latin America and the Caribbean, or more generally on the historical, cultural and political linkages that shape the modern world. While emphasizing a traditional liberal arts education in literature, politics, history and foreign language study, the B.A. in Global Studies also promotes intercultural understanding and sensitivity to diversity that are critical to navigating the twenty-first century global environment. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from study abroad and internships that add “real world” experience to classroom preparation. Because of its flexibility, a B.A. in Global Studies could be effectively complemented with minors in Spanish, Business, or Professional Writing.

Students can choose from two different options within the major, allowing them to prepare for the career they want.

Contemporary History and Politics Option

Students pursuing this option will select courses in the history and politics of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the history of United States foreign policy and diplomacy, and the political dynamics of international relations, economics and law. By studying the history and politics shaping different parts of the world, and understanding how these regions interact with each other and within the confines of global factors and institutions, students will be prepared for careers in business, government agencies and non-profit/non-governmental organizations specializing both in global issues as well as issues pertaining to specific regions of the world. The degree option is also excellent preparation for professional and graduate studies as well as law school.

Latin American Culture Option

Students pursuing this option select courses in Latin American civilization, literature and history. By mastering the Spanish language and effectively understanding and analyzing historical trends in the region’s economics, politics and literature, students will be prepared for careers in business, government agencies, and non-profit/non-governmental organizations specializing in Latin American and Caribbean issues, including human rights, land reform, industry and trade, and foreign policy. The degree option is also excellent preparation for graduate studies.

For additional program information:

Please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Zohra Guisse, 610-396-6197, E-mail Dr. Guisse: (ZXG10@psu.edu).

For admissions information:

Contact the Berks Admissions Office at 610-396-6060.