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Advising Information

Proper advising for scheduling courses is a crucial element in the scheduling process.  Students should plan on seeking their advisor at least once a semester, typically after the college meetings.  Other times a student should see an advisor are when:

  • Changing a major
  • Changing an option within your major
  • When considering a minor
  • Transferring
  • Dropping or adding a course 

Your degree audit tells you who your advisor is.  If no advisor is listed, contact Mike Stella in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. 

College Meetings

The campus holds college meetings each semester for group advising just prior to scheduling courses for the following semester.  It is very important to attend these meetings because this is the time that students are informed about any new changes within their degree program and any important scheduling information, as well as a time to pick up the new course selection packet for the following semester.

For more information about the Bachelor of Science in Business at Penn State Berks, email Program Coordinator, Mr. John Guiseppe, (jag52@psu.edu) or call 610-396-6008.

Listed below are the advisors for BSB, 2BA, and Smeal at Berks:


Mitch Zimmer (miz1@psu.edu), 610-396-6334, 220 Luerssen

Sudip Ghosh (sxg38@psu.edu), 610-396-6346, 225 Luerssen

Jim Shankweiler (jps23@psu.edu), 610-396-6327, 137 Luerssen

Sadan Kulturel-Konak (sxk70@psu.edu), 610-396-6137, 118 Luerssen

Maggie O'Conner (mao20@psu.edu), 610-396-6416, 152 Franco

Lolita Paff (lap21@psu.edu), 610-396-6381, 118 Luerssen

Malika Richards (mur12@psu.edu), 610-396-6170, 152 Franco


Mohamad Ansari (maa4@psu.edu), 610-396-6129, 120 Franco

Victoria Redpath (vlr1@psu.edu), 610-396-6198, 120 Franco


Jayne Brown (jrb30@psu.edu), 610-396-6041, 137 Luerssen

Rosario Torres (rzt1@psu.edu), 610-396-6408, 156 Franco

Thomas Lynn (tjl7@psu.edu), 610-396-6298, 136 Luerssen

Belen Rodriguez-Mourelo (brm4@psu.edu), 610-396-6171, 219 Luerssen

Weaver Santaniello (wms10@psu.edu), 610-396-6142, 116 Franco

Stephen Snyder (sjs29@psu.edu), 610-396-6277, 137 Luerssen